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Ayurvedic Kansa Wand

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Used for centuries in Ayurvedic healing to help holistically balance the doshas—Vata, Pitta and Kapha—Kansa massage works to unblock energy channels, rebalancing and restoring the body’s natural healing mechanisms. LAMAV’s Ayurvedic Kansa Wand promotes improved circulation and lymphatic drainage to help detoxify and revitalise tired, stressed or lacklustre skin. By incorporating facial massage into your daily beauty routine, you can also help to boost collagen production, reduce puffiness around the eyes, promote increased relaxation and firmer, more toned skin.

Best used with LAMAV face oil, check out our Kansa Wand Set

Apply your favourite LAMAV Facial Oil to cleansed skin. Then, beginning at the forehead, use small, circular strokes to massage one side of the face before moving to the other. Use gentle but firm pressure then larger more fluid circles around the eyes and across the cheekbones. Long upwards and outwards strokes can then be made along the jawline and up the neck.

Made with teak wood and healing bronze metal (a mixture of pure healing copper and tin). 

Copper aids in the bodies natural collagen and elastin production and promotes skin repair. Ancient wisdom claims this metal to be more healing than gold or silver and helps increase your skin's ability to heal. 


Younger, firmer & healthier skin.

Grayness may appear on the skin as a chemical reaction between the metal and the acid content on the skin as it heals. Acids are released from the body in conjunction with the facial tool, it can deliver a greying effect on the skin. Easily rinse-able with water, the grey effect signifies that your skin is detoxing. Remove the grey after your massage with a gentle cleanser and cloth.

Ingredient Highlight: Avocado

This green superfood is in fact a fruit. Rich in healthy fatty acids essential for beautiful skin, avocados are full of vitamin E, vitamin C, moisturizing monounsaturated fatty acids as well as powerful antioxidant carotenoids. All these wonderful ingredients work together to
prevent and minimize fine lines and wrinkles, to moisturize your skin and to keep it firm and young.