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LAMAV Organic Skin Science® came into being after years of research, focusing on beautifully blending ancient natural wisdom and modern science. La Mav’s age defying results are inspired by skin science and delivered through nature to unmask your natural inherent beauty.

​LAMAV is committed to educating and increasing awareness about the importance of natural and organic living that is good for you, good for the planet and good for generations to come.

​All our products are 100% plant based, naturally derived ingredients backed by peer-reviewed science. Our unique Three-Tier Formula™ consists of antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids, therapeutic grade herbal extracts, carrier oils and very gentle and soothing Essential Oils that provide a potent, result-driven organic alternative for the repair, rejuvenation and restoration of skin at a cellular level - all proved by research!

​We are proud carry these certification as carried on our seal on all our product labels:

A True Story of Skin Pigmentation During Pregnancy


LAMAV Skincare was created by Tarj Mavi, who, after suffering from skin pigmentation after the birth of her second child, was unable to find a skincare range that could deliver visible results but was free from harsh chemicals.

​​Having worked in the research and development field for over 25 years, Tarj spent 5 years researching on naturally derived certified active constituents that are free from toxins. She was able to utilise her research knowledge, and combine it with a desire to create a completely organic skin care range that would deliver visible results whilst being gentle to the skin and environment. Tarj believes that no woman should have to sacrifice beauty for health.

LAMAV Malaysia met with Tarj, and we must say that we are truly in admiration of her beautiful skin & healthy lifestyle.

About LAMAV Organic Skin Science in Malaysia 

La Mav (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (1151988-V) established since 2016, is the exclusive importer for La Mav Organic Skin Science in Malaysia. LAMAV ENTERPRISE (202203070384 - 003380290-P) is the authorised distributed for the brand since 2022. We are committed to bring out Australia's best organic skin care & cosmetic range to Malaysia and to educate the wider public on the importance of being informed about what the ingredients they use on their body. 

Know Your Ingredients is our campaign for encourage consumers to turn to the back of their skin care products labelling and read about the fine prints on their choice of skin care & cosmetic. Our goal is for consumers to be able to make conscious effort to go natural and organic ingredients for the benefit of our life, family and environment.


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